Masking Name

In the United States, property records have always been available for any individual to view at a local tax accessors office. These records have never been secret, they have just been more difficult to access than in todays internet society. We are not the original source of this information. displays property records to provide consumers with transparent data. Our goal is to empower consumers with open data and tools about homes, real-estate, and mortgages. For this reason, we do not remove pages from Arivify. We do however mask owner information when requested below.

Most tax accessor offices now post property records online for the public to view and in most cases this information is crawled by the search engine bots, then indexed in their results. Any website or individual has access to these records either directly from Google or by visiting the your local tax accessor website. We simply mirror the results from the source database.

Our database is searched, just like every other web server on the Internet, by search engines, and that information becomes available when people perform searches.

In order to protect yourself from stalking, domestic violence, and other crimes 36 States have setup address confidentiality programs to mask, replace, or delete your address from public information databases.

If you have meet any of the following circumstances, please complete the form below to disassociate your name from your property record.

  • Public Official
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Court Order
  • Address Protection Order
  • Privacy Concern