Unique Benefits of Listing Homes during Holidays

Is anyone going to buy a home between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve? Most homeowners believe that potential homebuyers will be busy doing parties, shopping, or spending their vacation in an exotic destination.

So, it’s not surprising if home sellers request their agents to take the listings off during the holidays. Most of them like to wait for the spring season when the potential buyers will switch on their shopping mode.

However, the truth is people nowadays are always connected via smartphones or tablets. The active social networking promotes an always-on lifestyle, so people never actually go off the grid. Check out the reasons why it’s beneficial to list your homes for sale during holidays:

The Buyers are Updated

If the buyers are serious, they will always keep updates of listings and real estate news no matter if it’s a home buying season or holiday time. There are real estate apps that feature listing updates and current market trends. Besides, many listing websites have their own apps. So, a few taps on your mobile phone while taking your morning coffee or waiting in the subway station will keep you updated.

Besides, many people don’t really go off-the-grid even during holidays. So, you can still reach a large pool of buyers if you keep your listings during the winter break.

More Serious Buyers

The number of buyers might be slightly lower in the holiday season, but they are likely to be more serious about buying a home. More people hunt for houses in spring and summer seasons, but most of them are just casual callers or searchers.

You have to understand that people, who squeeze out time for searching homes during the busy holiday months, are either serious about buying now or have some urgency. Perhaps they need a new home because of taking a new job, or they are eager to make a purchase for tax reasons. In either case, they are solid buyers who will give reasonable offers.

The Competition Is Less

Many sellers still believe the winter months to be a slow season for the real estate market. Besides, people who could not sell their homes for months are likely to take a break during the holidays.

Such trends open a scope for motivated sellers to list their homes in a less competitive market that has a shortage of inventory. List right after Thanksgiving and be flexible about showing your home whenever a buyer wants, and you’ll surely have many proposals from interested buyers.

Your Home Looks Great

Irrespective of the reason of purchase, emotion plays a critical role in buying a home, especially if it’s the first home of the buyer. You can capitalize on that sentiment by making your home comfortable and homely during the open houses. The buyers will definitely like the home if they feel comfortable picturing their own families celebrating the holidays in your home.

So, next time you’re thinking of listing a property, think of these benefits and consider grabbing the unique advantages that holiday listings have to offer.