The Essential Checklist that Every Homebuyer Needs

Many people buy homes at the beginning of the year. The rate might be even higher in 2017 given that both the interest rates and home prices may rise later in the year. Read More →

credit score

Small Mistakes that May Ruin Your Credit Score

Your credit score matters no matter if you’re renting in the heart of the New York City or a small suburban town in Iowa. It’s one of the key deciding factor based on which landlords or property managers determine whether you can pay your monthly rent regularly. Read More →

home buying

4 Tips for Buying a Second Home in Your Neighborhood

It’s not rare to fall in love with a neighborhood. Maybe you love the proximity to the farmer’s market where you regularly visit for fresh produce, the walking distance to the public transport, or the good school where your kids are studying. Either way, you just don’t want to live anywhere else. Read More →

credit score

5 Things That Could Destroy Your Credit Score

When you seek for a loan to mortgage bankers or auto dealerships, the lenders give the approval after calculating the risk of lending money to you. Your credit score is the metric that helps them to determine the risk. Based on the credit rating, they will determine how financially responsible you are and how much they will lend you at what interest rate. Read More →

house flipping

House Flipping: 4 Things You Should Notice Before Buying a House

Every house flipper dreams of profiting big on their investment. However, a good return on the investment does not only depend on repair the house and finding a suitable buyer. You have to look for some particular things while scouring the market. Read More →

moving tips

5 Things to Do Immediately after Moving to a New Place

We’ve already covered a topic on how to find an apartment within a short notice. Moving into a new place is a colossal task. Besides, you have to take care of some things as soon as after the move. Read More →

home selling 2017

5 Killer Strategies for Selling Home Faster In 2017

We’ve already covered a topic on the benefits of listing homes at the beginning of 2017. So, if you’ve decided to sell your home and even listed it already, now it’s time to arm yourself with strategies so that you can sell your home as quickly as possible. Read More →

market trends

Real Estate Markets Poised to Grow in 2017

The New Year brings new possibilities, and the same goes for the real estate market. Some cities have the potential to grow this year while some others may lose their appeal because of decline in the job growth or increase in the costs of day-to-day life. Read More →

rent apartment one week

5 Ways to Find an Apartment within a Short Notice

You may don’t have any intention to move to another place or at least not in the near future. But, who knows! You never know when life throws you a curve! You may have found a new job that requires you to move halfway across the country within a week or two. Or, a sudden change of circumstance may force you to change your current apartment when it’s just a week or two before your lease is up. Read More →

home selling 2017

4 Reasons to List Homes at the Beginning of 2017

The housing price hike across the country was 6% on an average last year. However, the price hike is likely to remain between 3% and 5% in 2017. With a low inventory and rise of interest rates at the end of 2016, it’s almost certain that the housing stock will grow bigger this year.

So, if you have been planning to sell your home in 2017, it’s the best time to get cracking. Besides, starting early by listing your home at the beginning of the year will give you some advantages. Here are four of them: Read More →