5 Best U.S. Cities in 2016 for First-Time Home buyers

Every home buyer dreams of a market that has a good selection of homes to choose from and less competition. Well, a few other metrics also work on in determining whether a market is hot for the buyers, especially for the first-time buyers.

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Ready to Buy a Home? Stay ahead of the Game with these 5 Tips

Hunting for houses is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, especially if you are a first-time buyer. It’s very common that excitement and nervousness will make you commit rookie blunders and miss many important points about the selected home.

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Ready to List Your Home? 4 Ways to Find Out How Much It’s Worth

Have you finally decided to list your home? Congratulations! But, do you have any idea about how to estimate the actual worth of your home in today’s market? That’s something you should be worried about because there’s no specific resources that can be used to determine the actual value of a home. However, a few techniques are there that you can apply to figure out the ballpark value of your property.

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Mortgage Misconceptions that Keep Homebuyers on the Sideline

Most of the consumers don’t have any clear idea about the requirements for a mortgage qualification. A recent Fannie Mae survey shows that almost half of the respondents either have no idea or bear misconception about some key mortgage requirements such as credit score, down payment percentage, and debt-to-income ratio. It means that many eligible homebuyers face rejection just because they don’t know!

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5 Questions That Buyers Must Ask During An Open House

Open houses are a crucial part of buying and selling a home but it gives a golden chance to the buyers to get a feel for the market. An open house is not just for visiting a property, it is an opportunity for the buyers to leverage.

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Paper Trail: The Documents You Must Have to Get a Mortgage

Buying a new home is exhilarating but managing the money to pay for the new digs is a different story. Though you can’t really control anything when it comes to the approval of your mortgage application, a few things are there that you can do to speed up the process.

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When It’s Time to Call Off a Home Buying Deal

Buying a home is an emotional process, which is equally exciting and stressful. You’re visiting open houses, you’ve started making offers, and great chances are you might get hooked on a house or two. However, despite going far into a home buying deal, several situations can occur to make you uncomfortable about the deal. If this happens, you’ll have to seriously consider whether you want to move forward.

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Buying Home for the First Time? Here’s How Not To Freak Out!

Have you decided to enter the housing market for the first time? Well, we understand your excitement and nervousness before closing probably the biggest deal of your life. It is also not surprising if you feel sudden panic attack when it comes to signing the paperwork.

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Rental Property

Rents to Slow Down in 2016: What Does it Mean for the Renters?

Through the past couple of years, the prices of rental housing skyrocketed, making the struggles tougher and harder for renters all over the country. Renters living in the fast-growing metros took the hardest blows. However, something good is going to happen to them in 2016 as the Zillow Rent Forecast for December predicts a slowdown in rents throughout the entire year.

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Winter Home

Home Buying In Winter: Make a Smart Move

Looking for buying a home? You are probably thinking of starting your house-hunting mission after the winter season when things are a bit settled after your holiday spree. Think twice because most of the potential buyers think just like you! The cold months are the time when the real estate market slows down, which increases the chance of snagging a good deal!

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