5 Ways to Get a Good Deal on Rental Apartment

Renting an apartment does not involve the hassles and tremendous prep work involved in buying a house. However, it does not also mean that you’ll just shift into the first apartment where the landlord offers you cheap rent.

Choosing a rental apartment requires you not only to consider the monthly rent but also to consider the whole picture such as the neighborhood, median rent prices, proximity to workplace, etc. Read More →


Insurance Facts that First-Time Home Buyers Should Know

You can legally purchase a home without buying insurance. However, if you’re going to apply for a mortgage, your lender will likely require you to buy an insurance policy as a way to safeguard its investment.

Buying home insurance for the first time can be overwhelming because you can choose from a wide variety of options. So, knowing some basic information on the coverage and other facts can help removing much of your confusion. Read More →


Unique Benefits of Listing Homes during Holidays

Is anyone going to buy a home between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve? Most homeowners believe that potential homebuyers will be busy doing parties, shopping, or spending their vacation in an exotic destination. Read More →


The Impacts of Mortgage Rate Hike in the Housing Market

The mortgage rates took a significant jump after the U.S. presidential election. Donald Trump’s victory and his pro-growth agenda have likely affected the borrowing costs, resulting in some fluctuation in the country’s housing market. Read More →


How to Break a Rental Lease without Penalty

Last week, we discussed the valid reasons for not renewing a rental lease. However, sometimes you just need to move out before the due time because of drastic changes in your life plans or something else. Read More →

home buying negotiation

Home Buying: Negotiation Strategies to Win a Real Estate Deal

Successful negotiation is critical to a real estate deal. Buying a home is not as simple as making an offer and waiting for that offer to be accepted. The negotiation process can go for weeks before both the parties find a middle ground. Read More →

rental home

Rental Home: 5 Reasons Not to Renew the Initial Lease

Moving to a new place and changing lifestyle to adjust to the new neighborhood is not easy, and nobody wants to go through the hassles of frequent moving. However, sometimes you have valid reasons to walk away after the initial one-year agreement. Read More →

mortgage payment

Mortgage Payment Struggle: The Measures You Can Take

It’s typical for most people to face a financial quandary at some point of their life. Most homeowners live paycheck to paycheck, and any disruption to that routine may push them to the point of thinking how to make their next mortgage payment. Read More →

tiny house investment

Home Buying: Why Tiny Home Investment Does not Pay off?

The tiny, often-mobile houses equipped with all the necessary means of living just looks like a perfect living space. Besides, small picture-perfect homes just keep popping up everywhere, in home-related reality TV shows, DIY blog projects, and Instagram and Pinterest feed, leading you to give serious thoughts about settling into such a home. Read More →

successful open house tips

Open House: Secrets that Every Flipper Should Know

The hard work and money that you invested on remodeling and rehabbing a house can go in vain if you can’t organize a successful open house. Sellers and flippers who have worked as real estate agents have some tricks up their sleeves to make the event fruitful, but inexperienced sellers can find it confusing and overwhelming. Read More →