mortgage payment

Mortgage Payment Struggle: The Measures You Can Take

It’s typical for most people to face a financial quandary at some point of their life. Most homeowners live paycheck to paycheck, and any disruption to that routine may push them to the point of thinking how to make their next mortgage payment. Read More →

tiny house investment

Home Buying: Why Tiny Home Investment Does not Pay off?

The tiny, often-mobile houses equipped with all the necessary means of living just looks like a perfect living space. Besides, small picture-perfect homes just keep popping up everywhere, in home-related reality TV shows, DIY blog projects, and Instagram and Pinterest feed, leading you to give serious thoughts about settling into such a home. Read More →

successful open house tips

Open House: Secrets that Every Flipper Should Know

The hard work and money that you invested on remodeling and rehabbing a house can go in vain if you can’t organize a successful open house. Sellers and flippers who have worked as real estate agents have some tricks up their sleeves to make the event fruitful, but inexperienced sellers can find it confusing and overwhelming. Read More →

homebuying millennial homeowners

How the Millennials Rise in Today’s Housing Market

Young people, especially the millennials, have been reluctant to taking the plunge into homeownership. Student debt, the insane cost of living in popular urban areas, and the struggles of living alone in the major cities have played significant roles in their disinclination. However, the picture has been flipped; at least that is what the latest Zillow study on consumer housing trends reveals. Read More →

house renting landlord screening

House Renting: How to Screen a Prospective Landlord

Moving into a new apartment as a renter is a huge milestone, but your new life could turn hellish if the landlord creates troubles. So, to prevent any future hassle, you should try to know your prospective landlord as much as you can. Read More →


5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest In Multi-family Real Estate

Investing in real estate has turned into a real deal these days given the low-interest rates and strong rental market throughout the country. The first choice for many investors is to go for ‘single-family homes,’ which can turn into a great additional source of monthly income in the cities where the rental market is hot. However, a decent investment option that has often been overlooked is multi-family real estate. Read More →


How to Avoid the Most Common Rental Scams

Renting a new home is a lot of work. The hassle of moving your things to a new place, adjusting to a new neighborhood, and maintaining a new lifestyle takes a toll on your mental and physical state. However, the thing you should be concerned most is rental scams that can happen when all the other problems are not even on the horizon. Read More →

off market home buying

3 Easy Steps to Find an Off-Market Home

Off-market listings, also known as pocket listings, are catalogs of houses that are for sale but aren’t listed on the most available and accessible listing services. Such listings can give the house hunters an edge in a market where the inventory is tight. However, finding such a listing is tough, and sometimes tricky. Read More →

rental identity theft

5 Steps to Minimize the Risks of Rental Identify Theft

Identity theft is an alarming issue in rental frauds. Sometimes, the scams involve just a ‘ruse’ or a ‘rip-off’ springing from paying upfront for unavailable properties, but identity theft is the scariest of all.

It’s standard procedure for landlords and brokers to run credit checks before renting the property to someone. However, such a process also means handing over your highly confidential financial information to them. Read More →


6 Things to be Aware of Before Buying an Investment Property

The idea of buying an investment property seems intriguing when all the favorite home reality shows on TV are running rampant with successful quick flip stories – purchase a home, renovate it, and resell at a higher price. However, quick flips are risky, and you can lose big bucks if you step off on the wrong foot. Read More →