home warranty

The Ins and Outs of a Home Warranty

The responsibility for the repairs and maintenance of a home is the bonus of homeownership. However, it’s a difficult job for those who have just switched their status from renter to homeowner. Most people can’t perform even small repairs. So, they don’t know what to do when a shower pan starts leaking or the boiler breaks. In such a case the thing that can save your back is a home warranty. Read More →

home sale

5 Major Problems that Could Ruin a Home Sale

So many issues can come forth when you are trying to sell your home. Most of the buyers ignore the minor things such as a bad paint job, broken lighting fixtures, or a messy lawn. However, there are some major affairs that can sabotage your sale. If you are a seller, inspect the entire house before an open house and fix if you find any of these problems: Read More →


How to Research a Prospective Neighborhood

People change their address for many reasons, and it’s not rare to move due to bad neighbors and neighborhoods. The most common complaints are excessive noise, disarranged properties, high crime rates, distance to transportation and other facilities, and more. When it’s necessary to do extensive research about the property you are going to purchase, the surrounding area should not be exempt from inspections. Read More →

home buying

5 Things You Shouldn’t Share with a Seller’s Agent

Dealing in a real estate market is like mastering the art of balancing act. Everyone wants to win but what really matters is to keep a win-win situation for both the buyers and the sellers. As a purchaser, you have to be very careful in getting a competitive purchase price. Read More →

spring home buying

The Tips that Spring Home Buyers Must Follow

Everybody loves spring because of the blooming flowers, sunny days, and warmer temperatures. It’s also a peak season for the real estate industry as lots of people actively hunt and buy a home during this time. Read More →

home inspection

How to Inspect a Potential New Home

What’s the largest single investment that most people make in their lifetime? Buying a home. So, a thorough inspection of it should be a necessary part of the purchase process. A property may look nice in the photos, and if you don’t know where to look, a physical visit won’t be enough to discover the hidden problems. Let’s find out how to test drive your future living space before signing the final deal. Read More →

credit score

5 Tips to Quickly Improve Your Credit Score

The truth about a bad credit score is that there’s no ‘immediate fix’ solution. Many people think of starting afresh, building the score on a blank slate. But, hitting the reset button and trying to establish a new credit history will further set you back. If the credit score is not too bad, you can try the following tricks, which will start bringing positive changes within 30 to 60 days. Read More →


Things You Must Do before Signing a Lease

Finding the perfect rental is a taxing and time-consuming process. Only a few people have the patience of reading the lease after surviving the lengthy procedure of searching through the listings, paying visits to multiple properties, and finally finding the dream apartment that falls within your budget. Read More →


Home Buying: Neighborhood Features You Should Not Overlook

Nobody wants to buy a home that declines sharply in property value. It can put you in a critical and tricky situation by affecting your mortgage or reducing the net worth of the house. Some major upgrades such as renovating the kitchen or repurposing an unused space certainly add value but the neighborhood too plays a big role in determining whether the price of a property will rise or fall. Read More →


4 Ways to Rent an Apartment with No Credit History

Signing the lease for the first apartment is exciting for many young people, but their non-existent credit history is a big setback. Most of the landlords will accept a cosigner, but it will not work if you don’t have someone to vouch for you. Read More →