Do Neighbors Matter When Selling a Home?

Most homeowners focus on preparing the home for listing and the open house at the time of selling. Well, it makes sense to give attention to the makeovers such as painting, cleaning, sprucing up the landscape, taking great photos, and more. However, the potential buyers will not only look at your house but also scrutinize the neighborhood. So, your neighbors are likely to be an instrumental in how quickly your home sells. Read More →

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How Renters and Home Buyers will Fare in 2017?

The rise of mortgage rate at the end of 2016 and its volatile nature since the beginning of 2017 have changed many equations for the buyers and renters in the real estate market. The real estate database company Zillow has recently published an article predicting five factors for the people who are going to rent or have made the big decision of buying a home this year. Read More →

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4 Tips for a Seller to Survival in a Booming Market

It’s tough to sell a house at the asking price if the inventory is high. When there’s no shortage of homes, buyers will just move to the next property in case the seller doesn’t accept their offer. However, it’s not that much difficult to sell a house quickly at a reasonable price. Read More →

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4 Tactics to Follow When the Inventory Is Low

Buyers and real estate agents need to raise their game when trying to find a suitable house in a tight market. When there’s an inventory shortage, it’s hard to find starter homes for sale. These situations are frustrating because you scour through neighborhoods only to realize there’s not much to look at and see yourself losing out to other buyers despite making good offers. Read More →

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Home Inspection: The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts

It’s standard procedure for every home buyers to inspect the property they are going to purchase. But, it is difficult for an inexperienced person to figure out what aspects of the property should be considered as standard what should be ticked off as warning signs. Even if you hire a home inspector, you have to know what questions you should ask him. Let’s take a look what to expect when you’re preparing for a home inspection. Read More →


The Questions to Ask to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Getting security deposit back is one of the main concerns of the renters as soon as they land a new apartment. Most people lose it because of their own mistakes, and others are mostly ignorant about how to deal with the process. We’ve already covered a piece on some tips about how to get it back or at least the most of it after your lease is over. Read More →

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5 Home Upgrades That Won’t Push the Selling Price Up

What’s the most popular way to add value to a home? Upgrades and renovations! However, one thing you should know that the updates you value might not be appealing to the potential buyers. It means that renovations don’t always convert into profit when it comes to selling. Read More →

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Mistakes Buyers Can’t Afford to Make in a Hot Market

It’s tough to predict a real estate market. The prices of properties and inventory often fluctuate. So, you can’t tell whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market when you’ve finally decided to buy a new home. Read More →

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Inexpensive Remodeling Projects to Fix up Your Home

Remodeling a home is always thrilling, and the fun becomes double when you renovate your own home. In fact, who wouldn’t want to take a shower in that newly remodeled bathroom or prep the meals on newly installed countertops? Besides, remodeling your home will add to its value and make you feel good about it. Read More →

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Construction Home

Buying a newly constructed house or a condo is a bit different from purchasing a previously-owned home. It has its perks as you can choose the exact flooring or kitchen cabinets you want, which is not possible in case of buying an existing home. However, it has some challenges too that you must handle skillfully. Read More →