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Mistakes Buyers Can’t Afford to Make in a Hot Market

It’s tough to predict a real estate market. The prices of properties and inventory often fluctuate. So, you can’t tell whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market when you’ve finally decided to buy a new home. Read More →

home renovation

Inexpensive Remodeling Projects to Fix up Your Home

Remodeling a home is always thrilling, and the fun becomes double when you renovate your own home. In fact, who wouldn’t want to take a shower in that newly remodeled bathroom or prep the meals on newly installed countertops? Besides, remodeling your home will add to its value and make you feel good about it. Read More →

new construction

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Construction Home

Buying a newly constructed house or a condo is a bit different from purchasing a previously-owned home. It has its perks as you can choose the exact flooring or kitchen cabinets you want, which is not possible in case of buying an existing home. However, it has some challenges too that you must handle skillfully. Read More →

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3 Killer Tips to Sell Your Home by Using Social Media

Today’s people are tech savvy, and they like to spend time on social networking sites. For this reason, more and more companies have been targeting those social media users as their potential customers, and it has been paying off!

So, this is the time to take advantage of social media to make your own profit! If you are trying to sell a home, you can use the huge customer pool of the social networking sites to make a good deal within a short time. Read More →

new construction

The Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a New Construction

Building your home is a tremendous responsibility that also comes with a high amount of stress. Buying a new construction home is a good alternative that offers a fresh start without so much stress or responsibility.

However, it does not mean that you’ll just move into a readymade home after the builder hands you over the keys. In fact, there are many things that you need to take care of before signing the contract paper. Read More →

seurity deposit

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

As a tenant, it’s natural for you to expect all of your deposit back at the time of moving out. However, many landlords don’t play fair and don’t pay your full deposit back. Sometimes, they don’t pay any refund at all!
Some useful steps are there that you can take to get your deposit back. Check them out: Read More →

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3 Effective Ways to Negotiate after a Home Inspection

Many would-be buyers and sellers think that the negotiation part is over after the acceptance of the offer. Wrong! In fact, it still takes place when the fund is in escrow. The home inspection may uncover many issues, which are likely to draw another round of bargains for repairs or credits. Read More →


The Essential Checklist that Every Homebuyer Needs

Many people buy homes at the beginning of the year. The rate might be even higher in 2017 given that both the interest rates and home prices may rise later in the year. Read More →

credit score

Small Mistakes that May Ruin Your Credit Score

Your credit score matters no matter if you’re renting in the heart of the New York City or a small suburban town in Iowa. It’s one of the key deciding factor based on which landlords or property managers determine whether you can pay your monthly rent regularly. Read More →

home buying

4 Tips for Buying a Second Home in Your Neighborhood

It’s not rare to fall in love with a neighborhood. Maybe you love the proximity to the farmer’s market where you regularly visit for fresh produce, the walking distance to the public transport, or the good school where your kids are studying. Either way, you just don’t want to live anywhere else. Read More →