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5 Tips to Quickly Improve Your Credit Score

The truth about a bad credit score is that there’s no ‘immediate fix’ solution. Many people think of starting afresh, building the score on a blank slate. But, hitting the reset button and trying to establish a new credit history will further set you back. If the credit score is not too bad, you can try the following tricks, which will start bringing positive changes within 30 to 60 days. Read More →


Things You Must Do before Signing a Lease

Finding the perfect rental is a taxing and time-consuming process. Only a few people have the patience of reading the lease after surviving the lengthy procedure of searching through the listings, paying visits to multiple properties, and finally finding the dream apartment that falls within your budget. Read More →


Home Buying: Neighborhood Features You Should Not Overlook

Nobody wants to buy a home that declines sharply in property value. It can put you in a critical and tricky situation by affecting your mortgage or reducing the net worth of the house. Some major upgrades such as renovating the kitchen or repurposing an unused space certainly add value but the neighborhood too plays a big role in determining whether the price of a property will rise or fall. Read More →


4 Ways to Rent an Apartment with No Credit History

Signing the lease for the first apartment is exciting for many young people, but their non-existent credit history is a big setback. Most of the landlords will accept a cosigner, but it will not work if you don’t have someone to vouch for you. Read More →

home buying assistance

A Brief Guide to the Treasury Down Payment Assistance

Every year, many renters think of becoming homeowners. While some of them can fulfill their dream, many get knocked down when the reality hits! The burden of paying a down payment seems to be the heavier amid paying rents, student loans, and other bills. Read More →

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How to Increase the Selling Points of Your Home

Unlike the Baby Boomers or Generation X, the Millennial people rarely commit themselves to a house for their lifetime. They move, they refurbish, and they just sell and move somewhere else. It’s now less common to find people who have lived in the same home for 30 years or so. Read More →


Is Suburb a Better Option for the Renters?

According to a report of Consumer Housing Trends by Zillow, almost half of the millennial homeowners are moving to suburbs. The good news is a significant number of renters are also following them. The suburban lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has its unique perks that are hard to find in downtown areas. Read More →


How to Check the Background of a Property

Finding the dream home is only the beginning of a long home buying process. The first thing you should focus on is the background information on the property. It’s important to know the house’s history of sales, recorded sales prices, the record of foreclosure, and other information. The data will help you taking the final decision about the purchase, negotiating with the seller, and figuring out the fixes and updates the property needs. Read More →

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Is Renting Better than Buying a Home?

Owning a home is almost twice as affordable as renting in terms of monthly payments. Both have their own perks, but renters can have better financial deals when the economy is poor. Many people have made a sizable amount of money just by switching from owning to renting. Read More →


The Right Questions to Ask the Mortgage Lender

Home buying is a tedious process that takes time and is a major financial responsibility. You need to understand your financing options even before start searching for the properties because you have to deal with the mortgage lenders. Read More →