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small home upgrades

Small Home Updates that will Return Big

Thinking of selling the home? Most people make the mistake of going after expensive upgrades such as an overall kitchen makeover or adding a new bathroom. Well, a brand-new interior will definitely wow the potential buyers, but the chance of recouping the expenses is slim. The clients are unlikely to show interest if you add the outlays of pricey remodels to the home price. Read More →

denver housing market

How the Spread of Silicon Valley Grows the Denver Housing Market?

Silicon Valley, the home to numerous start-up and international technology companies, has been confined to the Bay Area until recently. However, the nation’s tech mecca does not believe in holding tight to top talent. Many tech firms are floating away from the center and planting themselves in other Metropolises. Denver is one of the fastest growing American cities for tech business, which in turn brings positive impact on its housing market. Read More →

car free cities usa

5 USA Cities to Live Car Free (Almost)!

The benefits of car-free living are countless. You not only reduce the environmental pollution by minimizing the carbon footprint but also increase the personal safety by lowering the rate of automobile accidents. A car-free lifestyle also increases the physical activities, leading towards a healthy, stress-free life. Read More →

car free communities

Get Rid of Cars in These 5 USA Communities!

Have you ever craved for living in a place without cars? It seems quite unlikely in this modern world, but there are some communities in the United States where people live without the honking horns and the annoying noise of motor engines. Let’s find out some spots around the USA where you don’t have to deal with the traffic and parking. Read More →

popular lgb neighborhoods

The Neighborhoods Waving the Rainbow Flag High

With the growing rate of acceptance towards the LGBTQ community and the execution of the Marriage Equality Act in more and more states have encouraged many people belonged to sexual minority groups to come forward live openly. Trulia and OkCupid have jointly conducted a study to find out the popular neighborhoods for the LGB (lesbian, gay, and bisexual) people. Read More →

closing costs

What are the Closing Costs for Buyers and Sellers?

Both the buyer and seller pay the closing costs. The local real estate laws determine some certain fees and a few others can be negotiated, but most of the fees are fixed everywhere. You have to pay the more line-item expenses if you are the buyer while the seller pays the commission. It’s not hard to ballpark the total cost before the closing and find out how much both the parties have to pay individually. Read More →

sellers costs

How Much the Sellers Have to Pay in Hidden Costs?

‘Selling’ does not ring a bell with spending money, does it? Well, the truth is you have to shell out your bucks even for selling a home! A recent report from Zillow and Thumbtack shows that the U.S. homeowners have to dish out an average $15,190 from listing a home to sign the final deal. Read More →

home warranty

The Ins and Outs of a Home Warranty

The responsibility for the repairs and maintenance of a home is the bonus of homeownership. However, it’s a difficult job for those who have just switched their status from renter to homeowner. Most people can’t perform even small repairs. So, they don’t know what to do when a shower pan starts leaking or the boiler breaks. In such a case the thing that can save your back is a home warranty. Read More →

home sale

5 Major Problems that Could Ruin a Home Sale

So many issues can come forth when you are trying to sell your home. Most of the buyers ignore the minor things such as a bad paint job, broken lighting fixtures, or a messy lawn. However, there are some major affairs that can sabotage your sale. If you are a seller, inspect the entire house before an open house and fix if you find any of these problems: Read More →

credit score

5 Tips to Quickly Improve Your Credit Score

The truth about a bad credit score is that there’s no ‘immediate fix’ solution. Many people think of starting afresh, building the score on a blank slate. But, hitting the reset button and trying to establish a new credit history will further set you back. If the credit score is not too bad, you can try the following tricks, which will start bringing positive changes within 30 to 60 days. Read More →