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work from home tax mistakes

Don’t Do These Ugly Tax Mistakes When You Work From Home!

Working from home is a growing trend and more and more people are coming to terms with the perks of it. Many small startups have embraced this remote working movement and there are numerous people who like to be freelancers and solopreneurs. While this is nice and gives you more control over your personal and professional life, there’s a time of year when you can make a royal mess of everything – the tax time. Read More →

capital gains tax

Some Tips to Evade Paying Capital Gains Tax

A person is liable to pay capital gains tax when buying or selling personal and investment assets. Many people find this a burden because they, after all, have to pay a bunch of other taxes – property tax, income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, and excise tax. Read More →

ownership title

A Brief Discussion of the Various Real Property Titles

When you purchase a real property such as a piece of land or a house, the title of ownership must be transferred to your name. The concept of the real estate ownership is a bit complicated compared to purchasing other properties. It can take several forms and each type has its own rules regarding the ownership transfer, finance, and improvements. Read More →

capital gains tax

Busting the Myths about the Capital Gains Tax

The capital gains tax is a dilemma for the real estate sellers. Many people invest in the housing market in the hope of walking away with a profit on a home sale. However, the tax can mar the excitement of having a high amount of return on investment. Read More →

capital gains tax

The Capital Gains Tax Amount on Real Estate

The capital gains tax (CGT) is a government fee imposed on the profit (capital gains) made from the sale of a personal property, which could be a house or share stocks. The capital loss denotes the opposite concept, referring to the money you lose because of selling something at less than the buying price. Read More →


How to Make Friends in a New Neighborhood

Getting yourself familiar with a new neighborhood is tough and it is probably tougher to get to know the new neighbors. Relocating to a new city is nerve-wracking since you have to start over there from scratch. Meeting new people and making a friendly relationship with them is also intimidating. Read More →


The Perks of Bitcoin in the Real Estate Market

The real estate market has finally given in to the soaring popularity of Bitcoin. Over the last several months, hundreds of listings across the United States, Canada, and Australia announced accepting the cryptocurrency. It has so far been out of the housing market because of its volatile nature. However, sellers and buyers are finding innovative ways to incorporate the currency in the deals. Despite the unpredictable value, homeowners can’t avoid the lure of making some flashy money. Read More →

hot housing markets 2018

The Most Promising Real Estate Markets in 2018 – Part 3

Last week, we covered the second installment of the three-part series – the most promising real estate markets in 2018. In this final part, we will cover five more cities – all are surprisingly from Texas. Many people will move to the State of pine forests, desserts, and the Rio Grande because its boomtowns are going to be the big things in the housing market due to affordability, strong job growth, low rate of unemployment, and more. Read More →

pocket listing

Everything You Need to Know about Pocket Listing

The term pocket listing is a slang for off-market listing. It refers to the homes that have not been listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It may appear to be counterintuitive but buyers normally put their house on such listing when the market is hot or there is a lack of housing inventory. Read More →

family home

Family Homes could be the New Heirloom!

Homes could be the new heirloom to be passed down for generations through the members of a family. Until today, it was fine china, jewelry, or an antique piece but the 2017 Consumer Housing Trends Report from Zillow suggests that they are going to take a backseat. It could be a blessing for the younger generations who have been struggling to their way of homeownership due to student loans, high down payment, and many other financial issues. Read More →