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money saving tips

How to Stop Small Leaks on Your Personal Finances

If you are thinking of buying a home in the next couple of years, you have probably already started saving for the down payment. This is the stage when every penny counts. This is also the time when you should pay attention to small money leaks. Read More →


Get Paid for Moving to These Places! – Part 2

Last week, we covered a topic about the states in the United States that pay people to move there. There are many programs that provide monetary grants and other incentives to eligible candidates. This week, we will cover the cities that have supporting programs for the interested parties. Read More →


Get Paid for Moving to these Places! – Part 1

Moving in a new place costs money. But, what happens if you actually get paid for moving somewhere? Well, you will receive money and incentives for shifting to some places in the United States! Read More →


How Racial Discrimination Influences Current Housing Market

Owning a home is the priority of a huge number of Americans, regardless of race or ethnicity. Most of them consider it an essential part of living the American Dream. The interesting fact is the percentage of blacks and whites sharing this vision is same – 63%. On the other hand, 73% of Hispanics have the same desire of becoming a homeowner. Read More →

budgeting tips

How the 50/20/30 Rule Works for a Budgeting System

Budgeting is the first thing you should do when planning for buying a home unless you are not super rich or have already secured the money. If you want to be a homeowner, you have to have serious planning about how to organize your finances and make tough budgeting decisions. Read More →

rising housing market

Rising Housing Cost – The Problems and Consequences

The rapid increase of home values throughout the country is an ominous sign for the development. A city needs the middle class. It needs people of certain professions such as office clerks, teachers, medical assistants, bookkeepers, and more to keep the economy, administration, and other sectors running. These jobs are well-paid, yet most of them can’t afford a house in the city where they work. This is frustrating as well as alarming because the high cost of living could lead to severe consequences. Read More →

housing market trends

The Ongoing Trends in the U.S. Housing Market

The housing market has been changed a lot than what it was used to be a few decades earlier. It has become fast-paced and the processes of buying and selling a home have become more complicated. The buyers and renters are suffering because of the price hike and the sellers are also facing their own problems. So, what are the current trends that are driving today’s housing market in the United States? Zillow Group has published a Consumer Housing Trends Report 2017 covering the challenges faced by all the parties. Read More →

neighborhood security

How to Evaluate the Safety State of a Neighborhood

Buying a house simply does not mean that you have paid for some square footage, bricks, cement, and plaster. It involves picking the right neighborhood too because you will live in that area for many years, or might be the rest of your life. Read More →

small home upgrades

Small Home Updates that will Return Big

Thinking of selling the home? Most people make the mistake of going after expensive upgrades such as an overall kitchen makeover or adding a new bathroom. Well, a brand-new interior will definitely wow the potential buyers, but the chance of recouping the expenses is slim. The clients are unlikely to show interest if you add the outlays of pricey remodels to the home price. Read More →

denver housing market

How the Spread of Silicon Valley Grows the Denver Housing Market?

Silicon Valley, the home to numerous start-up and international technology companies, has been confined to the Bay Area until recently. However, the nation’s tech mecca does not believe in holding tight to top talent. Many tech firms are floating away from the center and planting themselves in other Metropolises. Denver is one of the fastest growing American cities for tech business, which in turn brings positive impact on its housing market. Read More →