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seurity deposit

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

As a tenant, it’s natural for you to expect all of your deposit back at the time of moving out. However, many landlords don’t play fair and don’t pay your full deposit back. Sometimes, they don’t pay any refund at all!
Some useful steps are there that you can take to get your deposit back. Check them out: Read More →

moving tips

5 Things to Do Immediately after Moving to a New Place

We’ve already covered a topic on how to find an apartment within a short notice. Moving into a new place is a colossal task. Besides, you have to take care of some things as soon as after the move. Read More →

rent apartment one week

5 Ways to Find an Apartment within a Short Notice

You may don’t have any intention to move to another place or at least not in the near future. But, who knows! You never know when life throws you a curve! You may have found a new job that requires you to move halfway across the country within a week or two. Or, a sudden change of circumstance may force you to change your current apartment when it’s just a week or two before your lease is up. Read More →


5 Effective Ways to Negotiate a Lower Rent

It’s particularly difficult to negotiate a lower rent in a booming rental market. In fact, landlords these days don’t want to lower the rent even if you are willing to sign a long-term lease. In most cases, the renters have to rent the apartment or sign a new contract at the amount fixed by the owner.

However, fret not! Sharp tenants always find some ways to take a negotiation in their favor. Check out the following ways to know how to gain the upper hand while negotiating rent with your landlord: Read More →


5 Things You Should not Hide from Your Landlord

Living in a home means you have to deal with some particular problems – a leaky roof, a broken shower, a damaged window, or lost keys, maybe. Things are similar when you are living in a rental. Read More →


5 Ways to Get a Good Deal on Rental Apartment

Renting an apartment does not involve the hassles and tremendous prep work involved in buying a house. However, it does not also mean that you’ll just shift into the first apartment where the landlord offers you cheap rent.

Choosing a rental apartment requires you not only to consider the monthly rent but also to consider the whole picture such as the neighborhood, median rent prices, proximity to workplace, etc. Read More →


How to Break a Rental Lease without Penalty

Last week, we discussed the valid reasons for not renewing a rental lease. However, sometimes you just need to move out before the due time because of drastic changes in your life plans or something else. Read More →

rental home

Rental Home: 5 Reasons Not to Renew the Initial Lease

Moving to a new place and changing lifestyle to adjust to the new neighborhood is not easy, and nobody wants to go through the hassles of frequent moving. However, sometimes you have valid reasons to walk away after the initial one-year agreement. Read More →

house renting landlord screening

House Renting: How to Screen a Prospective Landlord

Moving into a new apartment as a renter is a huge milestone, but your new life could turn hellish if the landlord creates troubles. So, to prevent any future hassle, you should try to know your prospective landlord as much as you can. Read More →


How to Avoid the Most Common Rental Scams

Renting a new home is a lot of work. The hassle of moving your things to a new place, adjusting to a new neighborhood, and maintaining a new lifestyle takes a toll on your mental and physical state. However, the thing you should be concerned most is rental scams that can happen when all the other problems are not even on the horizon. Read More →