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rent stabilized apartment inheritence

The Rules to Inherit a Rent-Stabilized Apartment

Last week, we’ve discussed how to inherit a rent-controlled apartment. If you are not eligible to inherit such a rental unit, don’t lose hope. You can still live in a huge apartment without paying an exorbitant rent given that you are eligible to inherit a rent-stabilized apartment. Read More →

rent controlled apartment

The Legal Steps to Inherit a Rent-Controlled Apartment

Can you inherit a rental unit? Yes, but it’s not something like taking over a house from parents or a family member. It means receiving the right of renting an apartment where a family member or a relative was the primary tenant. Read More →

rental questions

Some Minor (But Essential) Questions to Ask Before Renting

You will get plenty of articles explaining the things that you should do or know before moving into a rental. However, most of them focus on the major issues like reviewing the lease, the rights of the renters, the ways to get the security deposit back, and other such things. But, where to find answers to the questions like ‘where to put the trash’ or ‘is it necessary to change the locks’? Read More →

home repair

Home Repairs that are the Tenant’s Responsibility

The life as a tenant gives you more freedom – the freedom from the numerous responsibilities of homeownership. One of these duties is the repairs and maintenance of the rented house or apartment. All the renters love that they just need to call the landlord in case of a dysfunctional heating system or a leaked plumbing line. Read More →

rental laws

The Rental Laws That You Must Know

Many tenants think that studying the lease is enough to know about the rights and responsibilities. Well, not exactly! There are numerous state rental laws, but you don’t have to know every single one. These basics will help you understand what you should expect as a renter. Read More →


How to Rent a Unit after a Financial Crisis

A bankruptcy or foreclosure doesn’t legally bar you from renting an apartment. However, the landlord might not be interested in a renter who had undergone a financial crisis. So, you need to be strategic to convince him. Follow these suggestions to increase your chance of renting a home after a financial setback: Read More →

rent to own agreement

Understand How a Rent-to-Own Agreement Works

A rent-to-own agreement could be a great alternative to buying a home in a traditional way. A typical home purchase mostly depends on your financial status. You have to have enough money to handle the whole process and qualify for a mortgage. The second factor again depends on having a good credit score and adequate cash for a down payment. Without having these things in order, there’s no chance to score a house. Read More →

selling rental properties

Don’t be Homeless! Know What to Do When the Landlord Sells

What will be your first thought after just been moving to a new place? It might be how to figure out the new commute or to get to know the neighborhood. Many people will also find relief thinking that their life has been settled for that least a year. Well, the scenario could be overturned if you get an eviction notice just after 30 days because the landlord decides to sell the property! So, it’s important to be prepared and know your rights so you don’t end up being a homeless from a happy tenant just within a month. Read More →

rent hike

How to Avoid Being the Victim of an Unfair Rent Hike

Every person who has to manage the monthly expenses around a tightly planned budget will know how hard an unexpected payment can hit. An unpredictable rent hike could be disastrous if you are a job holder who has to live on a fixed income. It’s typical to face a yearly rise, but it has to be reasonable. If it’s a shocking jump, you should know whether your landlord is violating your rights or not. Read More →

rental terms

The Rental Jargons That Every Tenant Must Know

Navigating through the renting market can be challenging, especially when you are not familiar with all the rules and regulations. It’s easier to nod along passively but signing a deal without understanding the perks and catches will get you in trouble later. Always remember that an educated tenant is the smart tenant. So, it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with the rental jargons to save time, hassle, and money during your search for an apartment. Read More →