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Open House: Secrets that Every Flipper Should Know

The hard work and money that you invested on remodeling and rehabbing a house can go in vain if you can’t organize a successful open house. Sellers and flippers who have worked as real estate agents have some tricks up their sleeves to make the event fruitful, but inexperienced sellers can find it confusing and overwhelming. Read More →


4 Curb Appeal Mistakes You Should Avoid at Any Cost

What sells a house faster? Lots of factors such as right price, good location, attractive interior features, etc. can help closing a deal quickly and curb appeal is one of them. It’s an important factor in home staging or when you are holding an open house. Making a good first impression matters and don’t let badly designed landscaping and poorly maintained exterior wreck a potential deal.

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How to Make Your Home Ready for Open House on a Budget

An open house is all about exposure! The more you can expose your home and all its attributes to the potential buyers at the best way possible, the higher is the chance to sell it as quickly as possible. In fact, an open house is your only chance to tell the potential buyers how you are offering them the best deal possible in the market. However, home staging is a tricky business and most home sellers don’t know how to do it in the right way. They either mess up or end up spending too much money on unnecessary makeovers.

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5 Questions That Buyers Must Ask During An Open House

Open houses are a crucial part of buying and selling a home but it gives a golden chance to the buyers to get a feel for the market. An open house is not just for visiting a property, it is an opportunity for the buyers to leverage.

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