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builder's warranty

The ABC of a Builder’s Warranty on New Construction

Buying a home involves a handsome amount of money. It is, in fact, the most expensive purchase that most people ever make. So, it’s no wonder that buyers often prefer to have warranties so that they get compensation when something goes wrong in their newly built home. Read More →

title insurance

Everything You Need to Know about Title Insurance

Buying a home requires dealing with lots of paperwork and legal processes. Title insurance is one of them. The title refers to a legal documentation about the ownership of a property. The buyer gets it in the form of a deed that contains detailed information about the previous ownership and current purchase. A title search is essential prior to the closing of a deal to ensure that your purchased house does not have any other owners. Read More →


Common Insurance Claims Made by the Homeowners

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial moves in a person’s life. So, it makes sense to buy a home insurance for the protection of your property and its belongings from specified damage. Read More →


Insurance Facts that First-Time Home Buyers Should Know

You can legally purchase a home without buying insurance. However, if you’re going to apply for a mortgage, your lender will likely require you to buy an insurance policy as a way to safeguard its investment.

Buying home insurance for the first time can be overwhelming because you can choose from a wide variety of options. So, knowing some basic information on the coverage and other facts can help removing much of your confusion. Read More →


Hurricane Insurance for Homeowners – Are You Covered?

Hurricane Matthew has already hit the United States and is on the way of causing substantial damage. So, when the disaster dies down, and you are done calculating the damage it caused to your home and personal belongings, you’ll probably want to figure out a way to minimize such financial woe in future.

Many homeowners learn the hard way that their standard homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover flood damage, and only partially cover hurricane damages. Read More →