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3 Effective Ways to Negotiate after a Home Inspection

Many would-be buyers and sellers think that the negotiation part is over after the acceptance of the offer. Wrong! In fact, it still takes place when the fund is in escrow. The home inspection may uncover many issues, which are likely to draw another round of bargains for repairs or credits. Read More →


The Essential Checklist that Every Homebuyer Needs

Many people buy homes at the beginning of the year. The rate might be even higher in 2017 given that both the interest rates and home prices may rise later in the year. Read More →

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4 Tips for Buying a Second Home in Your Neighborhood

It’s not rare to fall in love with a neighborhood. Maybe you love the proximity to the farmer’s market where you regularly visit for fresh produce, the walking distance to the public transport, or the good school where your kids are studying. Either way, you just don’t want to live anywhere else. Read More →

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House Flipping: 4 Things You Should Notice Before Buying a House

Every house flipper dreams of profiting big on their investment. However, a good return on the investment does not only depend on repair the house and finding a suitable buyer. You have to look for some particular things while scouring the market. Read More →


How to be a Flipper in 2017

House flipping is going to be tougher because the Feds have hiked up the interest rate, rising house prices, and a tight inventory. Besides, the popularity of reality TV shows such as Flip This House, Flip or Flop, or Rehab Addict have encouraged more and more people to jump into this business of buying homes, renovating them, and then selling for a profit. So, competition these days are tougher too than it’s ever been. Read More →

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Home Buying: Negotiation Strategies to Win a Real Estate Deal

Successful negotiation is critical to a real estate deal. Buying a home is not as simple as making an offer and waiting for that offer to be accepted. The negotiation process can go for weeks before both the parties find a middle ground. Read More →

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Home Buying: Why Tiny Home Investment Does not Pay off?

The tiny, often-mobile houses equipped with all the necessary means of living just looks like a perfect living space. Besides, small picture-perfect homes just keep popping up everywhere, in home-related reality TV shows, DIY blog projects, and Instagram and Pinterest feed, leading you to give serious thoughts about settling into such a home. Read More →

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How the Millennials Rise in Today’s Housing Market

Young people, especially the millennials, have been reluctant to taking the plunge into homeownership. Student debt, the insane cost of living in popular urban areas, and the struggles of living alone in the major cities have played significant roles in their disinclination. However, the picture has been flipped; at least that is what the latest Zillow study on consumer housing trends reveals. Read More →


5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest In Multi-family Real Estate

Investing in real estate has turned into a real deal these days given the low-interest rates and strong rental market throughout the country. The first choice for many investors is to go for ‘single-family homes,’ which can turn into a great additional source of monthly income in the cities where the rental market is hot. However, a decent investment option that has often been overlooked is multi-family real estate. Read More →

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3 Easy Steps to Find an Off-Market Home

Off-market listings, also known as pocket listings, are catalogs of houses that are for sale but aren’t listed on the most available and accessible listing services. Such listings can give the house hunters an edge in a market where the inventory is tight. However, finding such a listing is tough, and sometimes tricky. Read More →