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new tax bill

What will be the Effects of the New Tax Bill on the Homebuyers?

The Senate has passed a new tax bill during the first week of December. It seems that the GOP tax plan is likely to be a law before the end of the year and it can go into effect as early as January 1, 2018. Read More →

gift money

What are the Rules for Using Gift Money for a Down Payment?

How much do you have to pay for the down payment? Twenty percent of the total price of the house, at least this is the amount that the lenders prefer. However, managing such a big amount of cash is not possible for most of the buyers. There are many ways to subsidize the down payment and gift fund is one of them. Read More →

home buying 2018

Buying Home 2018: What You Should Do Now

Many people have already planned to start their home hunting mission in 218.If you are one of them, consider this November and December as the perfect time for prepping. If you have done the homework right, you will be able to hit the ground at the beginning of the next year. Read More →


How to Avoid Risks While Hunting House in Recession

Buyers have a real chance to grab a good deal when the sales in the real estate market are slow. Nevertheless, fortune favors only those who are careful, patient, and can spot the right moment to make the final move. Read More →

home buying fall

Why is Fall the Best Time for Purchasing a Home?

Ask any real estate pro about the best time for buying a home and the answer will be summer and spring. These are also to be the busiest months when a record number of properties go through the change in ownership. However, if you can work out some different angles, fall season could be one of the best times in a year to search and buy a home. Read More →

homebuying competitive market

How to Buy a Home in the Current Economic Situation?

The economy of the United States has recovered from the Great Recession. However, the real estate market has become a tough place for the home buyers to survive. The prices of the properties have soared and buying a home does not seem to be a viable option anymore for millions of Americans. How can a buyer achieve homeownership these days where there are so many hurdles? Read More →

down payment

5 Slightly Unusual Ways to Gather Money for Down Payment

Saving and collecting money for down payment takes the true test of our money management skills. It is probably the biggest single cash expenditure that most of us will make in our life. So, it’s obvious that amassing the total down payment is a burden for many would-be homebuyers. Read More →

homebuyers mistakes

7 Mistakes First-Time Homebuyers Should Not Make

What if you have paid too much for something and later realized that it was a mistake? It definitely will be a huge financial hit. Similarly, a home purchase can be a financial regret for the first-time homebuyers if done wrong. It’s a complex process and making one of these mistakes can cost you big time: Read More →

cost deduction

The Expenses You Can Deduct as a First-Time Homebuyer

Homeownership comes with huge responsibilities, which may seem overwhelming if you are playing the homeowner’s role for the first time. It’s financially taxing too as you need to pay the mortgage, insurance, and taxes. However, doing some research will help you understand that it’s possible to cut expenses in these areas and take the advantage of many programs and incentives. Read More →

vacation home

Are You Ready to Buy a Vacation Home?

The idea of owning a second home for spending the holidays sounds glamorous. No more dealing with the hassle of booking a hotel and paying for the overpriced accommodation! You can stay at your own home for as many days as you want and the way you like. However, buying and maintaining another home can be a pain in the back if you just jump on a deal without much thinking. You should really consider these following things before making the decision: Read More →