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buying or building a house

Buying or Building a House? The Pros and Cons

Being the owner of a house is a major part of the American Dream. But, many people get the dilemma of whether to buy or build a home when they finally gather the money and decide to settle in. There are lots of factors to consider before going for house hunting because it’s a huge financial decision. Unless you are rolling in money, you probably want to consider the perks and downsides of both options. Read More →


Home Buying: The Financial Grants Available for Veterans

Many would-be homebuyers remain sidelined for years because they cannot save up the down payment. In that case, buying a home is more difficult for the veterans, who often struggle not only with the down payment but also mortgage installments. The good news is there are many organizations – ranging from the Veterans Administration to numerous private corporations – that provide financial support including finding a suitable property to covering everything until closing. Read More →

disability program

Financial Assistance for Disabled People for Buying a Home

People can buy a home with disability benefits. But, it becomes difficult to collect the down payment, pay the monthly mortgage installations, and not to violate the restrictions imposed by the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or a Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Read More →

disability benefits

Can You Buy a House on Disability Benefits?

The prospect of buying a home is slim when you are disabled and living on either a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit. There’s no legal obligation in using the disability benefits on a home purchase. However, people living on SSDI or SSI benefits should be careful because buying a property could bring some extra hurdles, affecting their benefits in the future. Read More →

new constrcution house

5 Things to Do before Purchasing a New Construction House

There are tons of advice online about buying an existing home. However, the market for new construction houses and condos has been gaining momentum. If you are looking for buying one such property, the lack of information about the process might frustrate you. Well, here we are with a to-do list to follow before purchasing a new construction house. Read More →

buying new construction

Buying a New Construction Home? You Should Know These Things!

Stumbling upon newly constructed residents when searching for a home is not rare in today’s market. The housing markets in many states and cities are constantly growing and developers are building new projects in many places. You will find both one-off homes and apartment-style living places in this category. Read More →

weird things in home

Ignore These Things When Home Shopping

You might have got advice to get your home in the best condition before listing it for selling. What about when you are a buyer? There are several things such as a dirty kitchen or shag carpet in the living room could be off-putting. But, are these problems serious enough to call off a deal? There are some minor things that you can ignore when shopping for a home. Instead of treating them as a deal-breaker, use them as bargain points to reduce the price of the house. Read More →

housing market trends 2018

The Trends to Rule the Housing Market in 2018

A month has already passed. How do you expect the real estate market to roll out this year? We hope that you have enjoyed our three-part series on the hot real estate markets in 2018. This week, we are going to focus on the trends that are likely to dominate the housing market this year. Read More →

house poor

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming House Poor

Last week, we shed light on the definition, reasons, and consequences of house poor. It is probably better to not being able to buy a home than messing up financially after making the purchase. What could be worse than buying your dream house and see it turning into a money pit? Well, don’t worry! There are several ways that can save you from becoming house poor. Read More →

house poor

Are You House Poor? The Reasons and Consequences

The State of the Nation’s Housing 2017 Report reveals that almost 40 million households in the United States are house poor. The number is shocking given that the economy is quite stable and the housing industry is not undergoing any crisis. Read More →