5 Ways to Find an Apartment within a Short Notice

You may don’t have any intention to move to another place or at least not in the near future. But, who knows! You never know when life throws you a curve! You may have found a new job that requires you to move halfway across the country within a week or two. Or, a sudden change of circumstance may force you to change your current apartment when it’s just a week or two before your lease is up.

The search for a rental apartment takes time and effort. However, when you don’t have that much time, follow these tips:

Create a List

Take a piece of paper and write down the features and facilities that you want to have in your new apartment. Rate them as must-haves, nice-to-haves, and bonuses. Put your absolute necessities in the must-haves category while be ready to compromise on the other two categories.

For example, a pet-friendly apartment or a laundry in the apartment complex could be something that you can’t tick off while the hardwood flooring or a patio is expendable if you find other things suitable.

Dig Deep In the Internet

The Internet will be your best friend if you have to find an apartment within a short notice in an unknown neighborhood or city. The longer is your online research, the better able you are to spot the winners.

Hours of Internet sourcing will make you a semi-expert in the rental market of your desired area. Many websites will allow you to customize your searches, which makes it easier to find apartments that work for you and your lifestyle. You can easily find out which rentals accept pets and which ones have room for an office.

Be Proactive

You will need to be proactive in finding potential units, and that does not mean just searching online. Start by calling the apartment managers and the leasing agents in the area you seek to live for. Talking to them will give you an idea about the type of available apartments and if they are within your price range.

You can also start asking family, friends, colleagues, relatives, and acquaintances to see if they know about any rental apartment suitable for you. Spread the words in your social media circles and place online advertisements to speed up the process.

Drive around

Get in your car and start driving around the town or area where you seek to rent. If you need to move to a city in another state, go there for 3 to 4 days and rent a car to drive around your selected area. Write down the phone numbers and addresses of the places showing a “for rent” sign, and start calling to inquire about the properties. It will increase your chance of hitting a last-minute rental.

Be Prepared to Compromise

Finding your dream apartment in a week or two is tough. So, be prepared to accept an apartment that may not tick all the boxes you had in mind. Try to stick on what you’ve listed as must-haves and show an open mind in terms of other points.