5 Things You Should not Hide from Your Landlord

Living in a home means you have to deal with some particular problems – a leaky roof, a broken shower, a damaged window, or lost keys, maybe. Things are similar when you are living in a rental. Many renters prefer not to inform their landlords about these issues. Sure, you can stay quiet about losing the keys or the clogging of the kitchen sink, which you can fix by yourself. But, whether you have done the damage or not, you should not hide the following five things from your landlord:

Someone Moves In with You

Bringing a roommate without informing your landlord can get you evicted. It’s alright if you tell the owner about a new roomie before signing the lease. It gives him/her the chance to screen the new tenant and make a background check to see if that person has any criminal record or any other problems.

Even if your new roommate has a clean past, an extra person in that unit might be not allowed simply because of the property and its jurisdictions. Besides, more people in a unit mean more wear and tear on that apartment. So, the owner is unlikely to be pleased after finding out about your roommate.

You Notice a Plumbing Problem

Many tenants prefer to keep quiet about a plumbing problem unless it turns into something serious. Besides, some residents hide such issues thinking that will be charged for the repair. Well, don’t worry. If the problem is not your fault, the landlord is responsible for carrying all the fixing costs.

In fact, dallying about a plumbing problem such as a leaky faucet or a clogged toilet is wrong because a minor plumbing problem can turn into a disastrous, expensive mess. It can damage a major area of the home and can create a health hazard if mold starts growing into that wet area.

You See Water Stains

Water stains, whether on the floor, ceiling, or any other area, are never good news. However, the truth is most tenants just don’t think it to be a big deal. Well, a leaky roof or a small puddle of water on the floor may not be a big problem, but they can turn into one if ignored.

A leak in the ceiling can end up damaging the wiring, insulation, and framework of the roof. Similarly, an ignored water puddle on the floor can damage the floor or other areas of that room.

You Have Bedbugs

These critters are nasty and can spread into other units if not exterminated immediately. Some tenants hide about bedbugs fearing that they may have to pay for the extermination costs. Well, you don’t have to pay unless you have brought them with your stuff. So, inform your landlord whenever you see those malicious critters, and s/he will pay for the extermination.

You Sneak In a Pet

Some rentals don’t allow pets, and it’s not good to sneak in one in that case. On the other hand, even if there’s no such restriction, you should not bring a pet animal if you don’t inform the owner about it before signing the lease. You may end up paying a hefty fine or getting evicted.