5 Things to Do Immediately after Moving to a New Place

We’ve already covered a topic on how to find an apartment within a short notice. Moving into a new place is a colossal task. Besides, you have to take care of some things as soon as after the move.

Let’s check out the tasks that should finish within two weeks after moving into your new address.

Change of Address

Informing everyone about your new address is the most important thing to do after the move. Tell your friends and send emails to those relatives and colleagues who you want to notify about it. You can also use the social media such as Facebook to let your friends know.

After getting settled into the new home, let your bank, creditors, and other companies with whom you have financial or business relationship know about your new address. You can use a mail forwarding service to receive your mail and subscriptions of magazines and other publications.

Register Your Vehicle

You need to do it in case if you have moved outside the state. It’s better to make a visit to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles as fast as possible after the move because most of the states want you to register your vehicle within a month after moving from another state.

Document Everything

Do it, and it’ll help you in the long run. Take photos and make a couple of videos, which will be a record of the current condition of the apartment. You can use it when negotiating a new lease or when shopping for furniture.

Shop for Furniture

It’s not possible to move into a new place, especially when it’s outside the state, will all of your future. You can set for a little while with some essential furniture pieces such as a bed and a table with one or two chairs. However, it’s better to furnish the house after you are done with the initial setup tasks. Check the local furniture outlets and flea markets if there’s any nearby to find the best deals.

Explore the Area

Moving into a new place means you’re going to stay there at least for a year. So, it’s better to explore the area after a few days to find out if your favorite shops and restaurants have any outlet in the area. You ask for suggestions from your friends living in that neighborhood or from your neighbors about their favorite things to do around. It may help you adding some new names to your list of favorites.

Following these things will minimize your stress and help you to settle down in the new place quickly. Never hesitate to ask your friends and acquaintances to help and take people up on their offers to help.