5 Killer Strategies for Selling Home Faster In 2017

We’ve already covered a topic on the benefits of listing homes at the beginning of 2017. So, if you’ve decided to sell your home and even listed it already, now it’s time to arm yourself with strategies so that you can sell your home as quickly as possible.

Every home seller has to do some basic tasks after listing their home – taking beautiful, professional photos of the home for using in the listing, looking for a good real estate agent, throwing an open house to attract potential buyers, and more. However, given the current market situation with higher interest rates and a more predicted inventory, every seller has to set the action plan tactically for a quick sale in 2017.

Listing Photos should Look Professional

A buyer will have the first look at your home through the listing photos. Take a good look at those pictures from a buyer’s perspective and see if they are attractive enough to convince you of buying the home or at least joining the open house to have a better look. The listing inventory is supposed to grow bigger this year. So, your home has to stand out to make an impression in this competitive market.

Appoint an Expert Agent

An experienced real estate agent knows the ins and outs of the market you want to tap into. S/he knows about the current trends and how to utilize them for making the sale as quick as possible. For example, your agent may suggest you stage a room into a cute yet functional home office if your neighborhood is popular among bachelor professionals.

Take Advantage of Latest Technology

Professional photography is an excellent way to present your home to the potential buyers. However, the advancement of technology allows you to exploit other means to show off your home’s best features. You can hire professionals to take drone photography or your house or create a 3-D virtual reality tour. Restoring to such an approach will give your property an edge in this competitive market.

Use the Social Media

Online marketing is huge these days, and social media is one of the biggest platforms for online marketing. Make sure your agent is familiar with social media marketing and can reach that particular buyer niche that you have targeted. You can use many platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, and other social channels. These platforms are highly useful for hyper-local marketing and help you to target micro niches.

Don’t Ignore the First Offer

Most buyers tend to ignore the offers that come initially thinking that there are better deals on the way. It’s a practical strategy if it’s a seller’s market, but you should think twice as there’s an uncertainty looming over the 2017 real estate market. The interest rate has started going up, and the Trump administration is already in the Oval Office. As the market is slowly turning towards the favor of the buyers, you can either accept the first offer or take the risk of losing big money.