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home equity loans

Short Story: The Truth About Home Equity Loans 2018

The new tax reform law has changed the way of calculating the home equity debt. It’s going to hit many homeowners with these loans and their chance of retrieving deductions for the interest paid in 2017. The concerning matter is that only a tiny portion of the home equity loan borrowers are aware that the new tax code will hurt them. Others are still living in the illusion of reaping the benefits. Read More →

work from home tax mistakes

Don’t Do These Ugly Tax Mistakes When You Work From Home!

Working from home is a growing trend and more and more people are coming to terms with the perks of it. Many small startups have embraced this remote working movement and there are numerous people who like to be freelancers and solopreneurs. While this is nice and gives you more control over your personal and professional life, there’s a time of year when you can make a royal mess of everything – the tax time. Read More →

capital gains tax

Some Tips to Evade Paying Capital Gains Tax

A person is liable to pay capital gains tax when buying or selling personal and investment assets. Many people find this a burden because they, after all, have to pay a bunch of other taxes – property tax, income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, and excise tax. Read More →

home inspection contingency

Home Inspection Contingency: Why It Is So Important?

The home inspection contingency gives the buyer an option to cancel the home buying deal given that the home has a major flaw. The laws about this contingency are different across the United States. Most states treat it as a part of the purchase contract, allowing the buying party to renegotiate or cancel the deal. In some states, a home inspection can be done before the two parties agree to any kind of contract. Read More →