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harp mortgage refinance

The ABC of Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

Are you a struggling homeowner? Do you find it hard to keep up despite spending a major share of your income on mortgage payments? The government has a program called Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) for homeowners like you who are just steps away from foreclosure. Read More →

ownership title

A Brief Discussion of the Various Real Property Titles

When you purchase a real property such as a piece of land or a house, the title of ownership must be transferred to your name. The concept of the real estate ownership is a bit complicated compared to purchasing other properties. It can take several forms and each type has its own rules regarding the ownership transfer, finance, and improvements. Read More →

couple homebuying

Buying a House Together? Avoid a Financial Heartbreak with These Tips

A couple in love will show their commitment to each other with an engagement ring. But, the trend has changed these days as many couples seal their love for each other with a set of keys to a newly purchased house. Especially, a good number of Millennials consider buying a home together before getting married as a good financial move. Read More →

mortgage payment credit card

Is It Financially Sensible to Pay Mortgage with a Credit Card?

Many people prefer making payments with the credit card. It appears to be easier and simpler. The bills will be paid on time and you will get reward points in return. Considering these points, it seems lucrative to pay the mortgage installments with a credit card. Read More →

earnest money

5 Times When You Won’t Lose the Earnest Money

In real estate transaction, everything you hear and all the promises made are just words until they are put into a written contract. It does not mean anything when you shake hand with the seller and say that you will buy the house. You want confirmation that the seller will keep the house for a certain period so that you can have some time to collect the money? Deposit cold hard cash in an escrow, which is known as earnest money. Read More →

mortgage alert

Don’t Mess up with Your Mortgage: Avoid Doing These 5 Things

Getting the mortgage approval for buying a home is not only stressful but complicated too. The lender does a complete scrutiny of your financial background and asks lots of questions. There is a lot of paperwork to be done in the process too. A lot of things can go wrong during this approval procedure and screw up the deal. Read More →

down payment vs earnest money

Earnest Money Deposit vs Down Payment: The Differences

When you are in the real estate market, with the intention of selling or buying a home, you will hear many words that you have never heard before. The real estate jargon could be confusing for the amateurs but there are some terms that you should have a clear concept about. Two such important terminologies for buyers and sellers are ‘down payment’ and ‘earnest money deposit’. Is there any difference between them? Let’s do a down payment vs earnest money comparison to give you a better idea of these terms. Read More →

evaluate property value

How to Find Out the Value of Your Home

What is my home worth? No homeowner cannot help but wonder about it at the time of selling the home. Even if you haven’t put it on the market to sell, most homeowners think about it, calculating how much of their investment has been appreciated. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to estimate the value of your home. Follow these procedures to find out an approximate figure so that there is no confusion when you finally decide to put the house in the market. Read More →

coop vs condo

The Key Differences between Co-op and Condo

Co-ops (short for ‘cooperative’) and condos (short for ‘condominium’) are the types available for the buyers who want to purchase a home in a common building or community. The FHA guidelines allowed financing of condos only in the 1960s. Before that time, all the buildings with more than one owners were co-ops. Read More →