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bank statement review

The Things that Mortgage Lenders Check on Bank Statements

When you apply for a home loan, the mortgage lenders scrutinize your finances to see if you are eligible or not. They spend a lot of time to review your bank statements to make sure that you are financially strong to pay the down payment, monthly installments, and other expenses related to buying the home. If you are looking for buying a home, you should know how to sort the bank documents and records to increase the chance of getting approved. Read More →

new constrcution house

5 Things to Do before Purchasing a New Construction House

There are tons of advice online about buying an existing home. However, the market for new construction houses and condos has been gaining momentum. If you are looking for buying one such property, the lack of information about the process might frustrate you. Well, here we are with a to-do list to follow before purchasing a new construction house. Read More →

buying new construction

Buying a New Construction Home? You Should Know These Things!

Stumbling upon newly constructed residents when searching for a home is not rare in today’s market. The housing markets in many states and cities are constantly growing and developers are building new projects in many places. You will find both one-off homes and apartment-style living places in this category. Read More →

builder's warranty

The ABC of a Builder’s Warranty on New Construction

Buying a home involves a handsome amount of money. It is, in fact, the most expensive purchase that most people ever make. So, it’s no wonder that buyers often prefer to have warranties so that they get compensation when something goes wrong in their newly built home. Read More →


The Perks of Bitcoin in the Real Estate Market

The real estate market has finally given in to the soaring popularity of Bitcoin. Over the last several months, hundreds of listings across the United States, Canada, and Australia announced accepting the cryptocurrency. It has so far been out of the housing market because of its volatile nature. However, sellers and buyers are finding innovative ways to incorporate the currency in the deals. Despite the unpredictable value, homeowners can’t avoid the lure of making some flashy money. Read More →

weird things in home

Ignore These Things When Home Shopping

You might have got advice to get your home in the best condition before listing it for selling. What about when you are a buyer? There are several things such as a dirty kitchen or shag carpet in the living room could be off-putting. But, are these problems serious enough to call off a deal? There are some minor things that you can ignore when shopping for a home. Instead of treating them as a deal-breaker, use them as bargain points to reduce the price of the house. Read More →


What is APR? The Definition and Explanations

When you take a mortgage to buy a home, along comes an interest rate that you have to keep up with. The APR or annual percentage rate refers to the total amount that you have to pay in interest and other fees on that mortgage. It’s different than the mortgage interest rate in the sense that it counts all the costs associated with the loan. Read More →