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housing market trends 2018

The Trends to Rule the Housing Market in 2018

A month has already passed. How do you expect the real estate market to roll out this year? We hope that you have enjoyed our three-part series on the hot real estate markets in 2018. This week, we are going to focus on the trends that are likely to dominate the housing market this year. Read More →

house poor

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming House Poor

Last week, we shed light on the definition, reasons, and consequences of house poor. It is probably better to not being able to buy a home than messing up financially after making the purchase. What could be worse than buying your dream house and see it turning into a money pit? Well, don’t worry! There are several ways that can save you from becoming house poor. Read More →

hot housing markets 2018

The Most Promising Real Estate Markets in 2018 – Part 3

Last week, we covered the second installment of the three-part series – the most promising real estate markets in 2018. In this final part, we will cover five more cities – all are surprisingly from Texas. Many people will move to the State of pine forests, desserts, and the Rio Grande because its boomtowns are going to be the big things in the housing market due to affordability, strong job growth, low rate of unemployment, and more. Read More →

house poor

Are You House Poor? The Reasons and Consequences

The State of the Nation’s Housing 2017 Report reveals that almost 40 million households in the United States are house poor. The number is shocking given that the economy is quite stable and the housing industry is not undergoing any crisis. Read More →

hot real estate markets 2018

The Most Promising Real Estate Markets in 2018 – Part 2

You might have already guessed the nature of the momentum that the housing market has got and the direction it is heading from our first segment of the most promising real estate markets in 2018. In this second part, we’ve covered some more cities that are enjoying their moment with a steady economic and job market growth along with other improvements. We will finish this series with a third episode coming next week. Read More →

pocket listing

Everything You Need to Know about Pocket Listing

The term pocket listing is a slang for off-market listing. It refers to the homes that have not been listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It may appear to be counterintuitive but buyers normally put their house on such listing when the market is hot or there is a lack of housing inventory. Read More →

hot real estate markets 2018

The Most Promising Real Estate Markets in 2018 – Part 1

The New Year has come with new possibilities. Lots of people will be moving to a new place this year and rent or purchase a new home. If you are one of them and looking for the emerging hotspots, this is the list you should be looking into. We’ll cover the most promising real estate markets in 2018. This is the first part, which will be followed by two more installments. Read More →

family home

Family Homes could be the New Heirloom!

Homes could be the new heirloom to be passed down for generations through the members of a family. Until today, it was fine china, jewelry, or an antique piece but the 2017 Consumer Housing Trends Report from Zillow suggests that they are going to take a backseat. It could be a blessing for the younger generations who have been struggling to their way of homeownership due to student loans, high down payment, and many other financial issues. Read More →

home trends 2017

The Home Trends that were Big in 2017

Another year has ended and the real estate industry has gone through many ups and downs. Similarly, some of the trends in the housing industry kicked the dust and some others received a boost. Zillow, the famous online real estate company, has published a list of home trends the ruled throughout the year 2017. Let’s take a look: Read More →

tiny home benefits

The Perks of Living In a Tiny House

Last week, we’ve discussed some of the downsides of living in a tiny house. However, every coin has two sides. Small homes have their own unique benefits too that you should know to weigh out the pros and cons of downsizing the living space. Read More →