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rental questions

Some Minor (But Essential) Questions to Ask Before Renting

You will get plenty of articles explaining the things that you should do or know before moving into a rental. However, most of them focus on the major issues like reviewing the lease, the rights of the renters, the ways to get the security deposit back, and other such things. But, where to find answers to the questions like ‘where to put the trash’ or ‘is it necessary to change the locks’? Read More →

rising interest rates

How Do Rising Interest Rates Affect the Housing Market?

A housing market with rising interest rates is difficult for the buyers and tricky for the sellers. Or, it is what everyone knows. Is it really bad news for the real estate market? Well, an escalating interest rate is nothing to be panicked of. It does have an impact on all the aspects of home buying, but you can avoid the bad effects if you are smart. Let’s see how it affects the housing market. Read More →

home buying 2018

Buying Home 2018: What You Should Do Now

Many people have already planned to start their home hunting mission in 218.If you are one of them, consider this November and December as the perfect time for prepping. If you have done the homework right, you will be able to hit the ground at the beginning of the next year. Read More →


Get Paid for Moving to These Places! – Part 2

Last week, we covered a topic about the states in the United States that pay people to move there. There are many programs that provide monetary grants and other incentives to eligible candidates. This week, we will cover the cities that have supporting programs for the interested parties. Read More →

title insurance

Everything You Need to Know about Title Insurance

Buying a home requires dealing with lots of paperwork and legal processes. Title insurance is one of them. The title refers to a legal documentation about the ownership of a property. The buyer gets it in the form of a deed that contains detailed information about the previous ownership and current purchase. A title search is essential prior to the closing of a deal to ensure that your purchased house does not have any other owners. Read More →


Get Paid for Moving to these Places! – Part 1

Moving in a new place costs money. But, what happens if you actually get paid for moving somewhere? Well, you will receive money and incentives for shifting to some places in the United States! Read More →


How to Avoid Risks While Hunting House in Recession

Buyers have a real chance to grab a good deal when the sales in the real estate market are slow. Nevertheless, fortune favors only those who are careful, patient, and can spot the right moment to make the final move. Read More →


How Racial Discrimination Influences Current Housing Market

Owning a home is the priority of a huge number of Americans, regardless of race or ethnicity. Most of them consider it an essential part of living the American Dream. The interesting fact is the percentage of blacks and whites sharing this vision is same – 63%. On the other hand, 73% of Hispanics have the same desire of becoming a homeowner. Read More →